Skinner's Brewery

Posted: May 3, 2017. | By: Laura and Massiami

General Questions

Can you introduce yourself and your job?

I’m sale assistant and a guide at the Visitor center of Skinner's Brewery in Truro and my name is Dave Sander.

When was Skinner's Brewery built?

Skinner's Brewery was built in July 1997.

When did Skinner's Brewery become a touristic place?

Skinners Brewery became a touristic place in 2003.

How many tourists visit every year?

There are probably 7 000 or 8 000 tourists every year. They can rent the venue for private concerts or make tours of the Brewery every day Monday to friday.

Does your company implement specific actions to limit the impact of your job on the environment?

We do implement a lot of things to limit our impact on the environment. We recycle all the grains that we use and send that back to farmers for cattle breed. Used yeasts, the things that we don’t use, go to the fertilizer. All our mold sacks are reused. People take them away and we ask them for a charity donation.

The Brewery

Do you have automatic lighting around on the site?

We don’t have but we are working on that.

Do you recycle your bottles?

Yes all the glass bottles are recycled in the UK. They don’t reuse bottles but they are giving away for recycling. They can't reuse the bottles because they might have been damaged so they can’t use it for new customers.

Do you use solar, wind or other types of sustainable energies? And if yes, what for?

Yes, we use hydroelectric energy.

Do you use organic barley?

Not all our barley but most of it is organic at the moment but, we are working on it.

Do you recycle paper?

Yes, we recycle paper, our cardboard, our plastic.

Do you recycle your waste water? How?

We recycle water. We reheat, we use our heated water for our next brew as well so it saves energy on reheated water.

Do you have any specific fundings?

No, not really other than the money from our investors.

What are the results of your actions?

The result is our beautiful beers that people love drinking.


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