Plymouth Aquarium

Posted: May 18, 2017. | By:Marine, Audrey, Océane

General Questions

Can you introduce yourself and your job?

I'm Phoebe; I work at the aquarium as a sales assistant. I work with children as well.

When was the Aquarium built?

It was in 1998. The university and the Marine Academy came together and we built this aquarium in 1998, so it was made to become a tourist attraction.

How many tourists visit every year?

That is a really good question. Daily, we can go to three hundred to a thousand. So, if you can figure that out…

Does your company implement specific actions to limit the impact of your job on the environment?

I imagine so yes, we're all about environment here. This is a charity, so everything we make from visitors coming in to the café and the shop, it's a charity for the species we keep here, which in turn is educating people on marine life so hopefully they care more about the ocean that we’ve got just across the door to all across the world, so people should care more.

The Plymouth Aquarium

Do you think your city uses energy-saving bulbs?

Yeah, they should do, we are the ocean city, so we should looking out for the environment, things like that. I do this personally, and we do that in an aquarium as well, so we should do.

Do you use chemical products on your plantations?

I'm not sure, I don't know…

Are there green means of transport?

Yes, so we encourage people to car-share and go in buses, things like that. At the aquarium here, we give discount for people who use public transportation. So yes, we do.

Are there measures to save water?

That's a good question to ask in an aquarium. I would say so, yes, again like we're the ocean city, we have got a lot of water around us. We've just got to make sure it's kept healthy, things like that, but yeah I think so.

Do you encourage the population to recycle?

Yes! We've got recycling all around the city, everybody recycles hopefully. We've got bottle bins, in supermarkets, things like that.

Are there any measures to reduce the heating in public buildings?

I can't speak for all buildings, but we do here, it’s quite cold at the beginning of this building because we don't use heating, but yeah I think so.

Do you offer grants or funds of any kinds to encourage citizens to insulate better their private homes?

We chose the types of trees in order to reproduce different types of climates, for example a tropical climate and a mediterranean climate.

Do you offer grants or funds of any kinds to encourage citizens to insulate better their private homes?

I don't know if I’m honest, but I'm sure we do, it's quite windy here. I think we do but I'm not sure.

What are the reasons of your actions?

Me personally? I reduce a lot of plastic, as there is a lot of plastic in the junction at the moment, so I'm doing what I can to reduce that as much as possible. And obviously I work for a charity, so I work for the environment as well.


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