Levant Mine

Posted: May 17, 2017. | By: Héloise, Asha, Jenna

General Questions

Can you introduce yourself and your job?

Hello, my job is to tell the history of the Levant Mine to the tourists who come to visit.

When was the mine built?

It was built in the 19th century.

How many tourists visit every year?

A lot of tourists come to visit the site.

The Levant Mine

When was the Mine closed?

The Levant Mine closed in 1930.

Why did you stop extracting tin from the Mine?

The man engine suffered a disastrous failure and the link between the rod and the engine snaped, killing 31 men.

Was it closed because the site was polluted or creating pollution?

No, but the site was exploited for its wealth so we can say that men had an impact on the environment.

Is the site now protected?

Yes because it is a historic site.

Are there ecological measures taken to preserve the site?

The beam engine is a steam engine so it doesn’t pollute.

Was it difficult to rehabilitate this Mine?

Yes because the Levant mine is an old mine and it costs a lot of money to maintain and repair the buildings.

Do you have any specific fundings?

We are an association so we have donations from the investors.

What are the reasons of your actions?

The Levant mine can be preserved as an important historic site for all to see.


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