Eden Project

Posted: May 17, 2017. | By: Zoe, Messiah, Valentine

General Questions

Can you introduce yourself and your job?

Hello, I am a guide on the Eden project site. My job is to explain to visitors how the Eden project was built, its history and development.I also participate in ecological activities on the site like plant preservation.

When was the Eden Project built?

The Biomes were built in October 1998.

When did the Eden Project become a touristic place?

The Biome became a touristic place when we achieved the site an we opened it to the public in March 2001.

How many tourists visit every year?

In 2015 around 7 million people visited the site.

Does your company implement specific actions to limit the impact of your job on the environment?

Yes we use thermal energies and cars on the site are forbidden to limit the impact of exhaust gas on the environment.

The Eden Project

Do you use sustainable energies (solar, geothermal, wind energy or hydroelectric energies) and what for?

Yes, we use solar and geothermal energies. Geothermal energy is used to keep the warmth in the greenhouse and solar energy is used to keep energy in the batteries.

How do you save water?

We save water in two ways: An underground drainage system collects all the water coming on the site and we use rain and ground water as much as possible.

How do you insulate buildings?

We use clay to insulate our buildings because it is a natural material that is present on our site.

What materials did you use to build the site?

To build the site we used clay, wood and plastic (like cellophane)and metal for the biomes.

How did you rehabilitate the site?

We rehabilitated the site building big biomes to create a natural site with a large variety of plants and trees.

What energies do you use for the heating of the biomes?

We use geothermal and solar energies for the heating of the biomes.

How did you choose the types of trees you planted around the site?

We chose the types of trees in order to reproduce different types of climates, for example a tropical climate and a mediterranean climate.

Do you have any specific fundings ?

Yes,our main funding comes from the Millenium Commission and the European Union. And now we have foundings from the tickets that visitors buy to enter the site and donations.

What are the reasons of your actions?

Our main reasons for the Eden project are to transform an abandoned site into an ecological site and to transform society through education on ecology and how to protect the planet (sustainable energies,..)


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