Eden Project

Posted: May 11, 2017. | By: Oualid, Ange, Najib

The Eden Project

Do you use sustainable energies (solar, geothermal, wind energy or hydroelectric energies) and what for?

We have plans for the future to develop renewable energies on the inside. Cornwall is a very good area for these activities. We also have power plants by the entrance, because it’s the best area for activity.

How do you save water?

We save water from the rain, and we use it to flush the toilets, water the plants, and also the water that you can hear from the waterfall in the background, that’s also from collecting rain water, it means we don’t have to use things like drinking water.

How do you insulate buildings?

I’m not sure what the question means, but our buildings are basically controlled by a building management system which controls the temperature, it controls the humidity, and from that it allows vents to open, and everything is controlled by the building management system, (..) but other than that, I’m not sure.

What materials did you use to build the site?

It’s a very specific type of plastic, it allows through UV rates which are important for the plants. It’s also self-cleaning, it washes itself through the rain. It’s a very light plastic, but it’s also very expensive, and you can see here we used three layers of it. (…) The metal you can see here is a tribute steel and aluminum, also a very light weight, so quite a nice fact about this biome is how the light itself weighs nearly as much as the structure.

What energies do you use for the heating of the biomes?

Along this side you can see the vents, it works by an AV exchange system, so most of the energy here comes from the sun. Obviously we have a lot of opened spaces which allow for much of the lightening. And also the cliff side along the biomes acts a bit like a thermal blanket, so it absorbs the thermal energy from the sun (…), it’s one of the best ways to heat the biome, and it’s way it was built on this side.(…) I’m not sure what’s happening for energy at the moment, I believe they’re renegotiating with the company. But as for the actual electricity, I’m not sure about that.

How did you choose the types of trees you planted around the site?

Ok so, the site is basically split up by geographical locations from around the world. So obviously outdoors we’re limited in Cornwall with what types of plants we grow here. In terms of Mediterranean plants here we have a lot of obviously native flowers outside. In here it’s tropical plants from anywhere along the Equator, from places like South America, West Africa and Asia. And next door in the Mediterranean biome, it’s also plants from anywhere with a Mediterranean climate, so it also includes parts of Australia, South America. That’s basically how plants are chose from every specific area.

Do you have any specific fundings ?

A lot of funding came from the Millennium Commission, they invested a lot of money into different projects across the UK. Eden Project is one of them, so part of our funding came from here. Other than that, because we are a charity, all of our money here for anything that we built or any of our future projects has to come from basically donations, from various different organisations, so we have many many people who have donated. (…) Whereas Plymouth would be basically directed like a Council, our money comes from organisations who appreciate what the Project does.


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