Eden Project

Posted: May 10, 2017. | By: Dario, Tom, Vincent

General Questions

When was the Eden Project built?

The Eden Project was started in 1999 and it opened to the public in 2001.

When did the Eden Project become a touristic place?

? Eden did become a touristic place in March 2001.

How many tourists visit every year?

There are about 60,000 visitors every year.

Does your company implement specific actions to limit the impact of your job on the environment?

No because his job is not bad for the environment.

The Eden Project

Do you use sustainable energies (solar, geothermal, wind energy or hydroelectric energies) and what for?

They use sustainable energies like solar energies to illuminate and heat plants in the biomes.

How do you save water?

They save water by reusing rainwater, using water-saving appliances and with a close monitoring of water usage.

How do you insulate buildings?

They insulate buildings with hexagonal windows with three layers of ETFE (Ethylene TetraFluoroEthylene).

What materials did you use to build the site?

They use ETFE which is both slim and very resistant.

How did you rehabilitate the site?

They brought over 83,000 tons of soil to grow plants.

What energies do you use for the heating of the biomes?

They use the energy of the sun.

How did you choose the types of trees you planted around the site?

I have no idea, sorry, I wasn’t involved in this.

Do you have any specific fundings ?

Yes, our main funding comes from the Millenium Commissions.


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