Eden Project

Posted: May 11, 2017. | By: Kevin, Antoine, Alexandre

General Questions

Can you introduce yourself and your job?

My name is Sarah, and I'm a narrator at the Eden Project.

When was the Eden Project built?

The Eden project started being built in 1998, that’s when they started the ground work. We opened to the public on March 17th, 2001.

When did the Eden Project become a touristic place?

It was opened to the public in March 17th 2001, but actually there were people coming when the site was being built, and people could come and watch it being built.

How many tourists visit every year?

I would say, between 600 000 and 700 000, but that is a bit of a guess.

Does your company implement specific actions to limit the impact of your job on the environment?

I don't know, not that I see. I don't think my job has much impact anyway. We try to teach people about the importance of plants so perhaps in that way we're doing a bit of good.

The Eden Project

Do you use sustainable energies (solar, geothermal, wind energy or hydroelectric energies) and what for?

Yes, sustainable energies… We use solar and we are looking at doing a big geothermal plan, but that hasn’t happened yet. And we also use a little bit of wind energy, at the top, but I can be making that up.

How do you save water?

We collect a lot of water, because we're in the bottom of a hole, and natural springs bring water and they go down, so we collect all the ground water. We have big containers outside the biomes, and we use that water for irrigation, and also after it has been gone to that process it's used for flashing the toilets.

How do you insulate buildings?

I don't know.

What materials did you use to build the site?

The biomes are built of steel and what looks like plastic, a material called ETFI. That’s what makes the biomes.

How did you rehabilitate the site?

Good question…By bringing in compost, 83 000 tons of it, and that's been used for planting everywhere. Other than bringing life in and landscaping it, I don't think anything else was needed to be done.

What energies do you use for the heating of the biomes?

The heating system is on natural gas and electricity.

How did you choose the types of trees you planted around the site?

I don't know because I wasn’t involved with that, but in regard of the biomes, we have tropical plants in the rainforest, and we have Mediterranean climate trees in the Mediterranean biome. And then we have such beautiful plants outside that survive the Cornish climate.

Do you have any specific fundings ?

We have a lot of specifics fundings. We had Millennium Commission funding, which is how we got started, and then we had a match funding. We also had EU money, and various others, but I don't know all of them.

What are the reasons of your actions?

Hopefully, we have taught people about the importance of plants and the value of them, and hopefully we have also helped to protect rainforests, and just let people know what they can do to help.


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